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Check out our Extreme Tools Rolling Tool Cabinet Demo Video!

We filmed a demo video of the Extreme Rolling Tool Cabinet #RX722519RC at our shop last week. Clark points out some of the highlights in this informative video. Have a look...  We have a roll cabinet here from Extreme Tools, it's a newer release and the model number is RX722519RC. It's available in black, shown here, or blue, and it measures 72" in width and 25" in depth. It has 19 drawers which are full extended ball bearing runners. Comes with 6 wheels underneath it, 4 swivel wheels and 2 rigid wheels. They're 6" in diameter and 2 inches wide, plenty of support. As we mentioned there are full extensions drawers, they come open all the way to the back. Each drawer has a polished aluminum handle with a unique latching system, which you can see here: This box is priced @ $1,995 for the foreseeable future and it ships free. It's an awesome deal. It weighs about 600 lbs.

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