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Eastwood 20279 Mig 250 Welder Review from Richard in Vermont

EASTWOOD 20279 MIG WELDER 250 AMPSI have done a couple of small repair/fab projects since getting it.  Maybe 15 minutes total operation time.  I am not what I would remotely call skilled at welding, by the way.  Sometimes I get a good bead, but mostly it is bubble-gum city, albeit functional.

For the past 25 years or so I’ve only used a 220v buzz box and a 110v flux core wire feed welder so this is the first time in a long time that I have used 220v wire feed welder and the first time ever running flux core through one. 

Right out of the box everything set up quick and easy; the settings chart got me quickly into the ball park:  My eyeglasses were nearly useless under the helmet (couldn’t see the puddle) but I was able to make some of my best welds ever.

Smooth operation, consistent results, predictable performance.  I am currently using .035 flux core and am looking forward to trying the .045 for a large truck bed rebuild I’ll be doing in a few weeks.

Summed up, I should have been using one of these from the beginning.  It would have made my previous projects much nicer and easier. Lastly, I couldn’t have asked for quicker shipping than you folks provided.  It is too bad I’m never in that part of New Hampshire during the work week, otherwise I’d stop by and pick up some more goodies!"

-Richard, VT

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