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Extreme Tool Boxes

Extreme Tools, Inc. offers professional tool chests, roller cabinets, top hutches, and workstations, and side lockers. Any box you choose is top-notch, which is why we are proud to include them in our line of durable, quality toolboxes and toolchests. Our selection of Extreme Tool boxes ranges in price and capabilities to meet any of your garage tool box needs.

Extreme Tools Professional Series Tool Boxes are available in 72" and 55"

The Extreme Professional Series includes EX7217RC, available in black or blue (red option is available through special order only). It is a 72" x 30" 3 bank roll cabinet all shipping at 1,300 hundred lbs. each. It compares to the best of the best in every way but price. We are priced at an average of 60% less and it gets better: they all include a beautiful stainless steel top, standard with every purchase. You will not find a better value priced at $3,695.

How about the 55" x 30" 2 Bank Roll Cabinet -- all the same applies in these choices the EX5511RC comes in blue and black, and both include free shipping at 1000 lbs. Again, these models include Stainless Steel Tops as a standard feature. These Extreme toolboxes are priced low at $2,795.

You can purchase these Roll Cabinets and then add on a Top Tool Chest (55" only), a Top Hutch Cabinet, or even a Side Locker, all available in the same heavy construction and designed with matching symmetry for all components. You may purchase any configuration you like all at once for an even greater savings, and it all ships free, so you won't incur any shipping costs.

The 72" series Roll Cabinets EX7217RC add on components include the EX7201HC Hutch Cabinets and the EX2404SC Side Locker Cabinet (again, both come in choice of blue or black). This Side Locker is a great add on, as it is roomy - it measures 24" wide and is symmetric top to bottom when building a full set. Red components are available, but do require a lead time when ordering. Call 603-234-2612 for information.

The 55" series Roll cabinets come in your choice of blue or black, and add on components include theEX5501HC Top Chests, the EX5510CH Hutch Cabinets and the EX2404SC Side Locker. Choose the package that works for you.

Please search our website for individual specifications and full set pricing and see the savings on full sets!
Standard Series Tool Boxes available in 72", 56", 41" and 26"

The standard series boxes combine quality and value and excepting the 72" series, offer Top Tool Chests and Bottom Tool Chests in sets or individually.

This Roll Cabinet tool box ships at 1200 lbs., however, if you purchase it through us, it ships for free and includes a Stainless Steel Top! You really get an awful lot for the money.

The 56" series include the EX5610CHBL 10 drawer Top Chest and the EX5611RC 11 drawer Roll Cabinets. All these boxes measure 20" in depth and provide plenty of storage for the price. The EX5600ST Stainless Steel Top is optional and dresses the Roller Tool Cabinet of your choice very nicely.

The 41" and 26" series are our smaller sizes measure 18" and 16" deep are available in sets or individually. They are excellent for those just starting or make a great home garage set.

Extreme's RX722519RC 72" 19 Drawer rolling tool box features new expanded drawer width design with 3 extra long full width polished solid aluminum drawers, which are self-latching, and include quick-release drawer pulls.

Please look in the Tool Boxes section of our site for all the details and also note that MOST OF THESE TOOLBOXES SHIP FOR FREE!