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F-S Curtis CT Series Air Compressors

Transcript Matt Smith presents CT Series Air Compressors CT Series Splash Lubricated CT Air Compressor. The CT Series offers industrial design and performance at an affordable price point. The CT Series comes in a 5, 7.5, and 10 Horse power package. It comes only in a simplex offering, meaning it that only comes with one pump, instead of the 2 pumps that come with the duplex, and it comes in both a vertical and horizontal configuration. The CT Series includes features that you would expect a much higher price point, such as a stamped steel industrial belt guard, which is much better in terms of protection than the wire mesh belt guards that you find on many compressors in this product range. The CT series by FS Curtis also features a metal intake filter housing which is much better in terms of longevity than the plastic housings favored by many of our competitors in this price range. Finally the CT Series features the most robust pump in this class. Many of our competitors utilize aluminum components in their pumps, but we believe that the pump is the heart of the compressor and we feature a 100% cast iron pump, including the cylinders, the crank case, the crank shaft and the connecting rods. All of this cast iron means that you will have a pump that lasts much longer than an aluminum pump -- AND requires much less maintenance. All of this comes back with a 24 month extended warranty, which, again, is best in class in this product range. And - like all FS Curtis air compressors - the CT Series comes factory filled with lubricant, so that when it shows up at your door, it's ready to run. And also, like all FS Curtis air compressors, it's manufactured here in the heartland, in St. Louis, MO, where we've been manufacturing quality products since 1854.
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