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Harris shares outdoor fire place, fabricated using new plasma cutter!

Harris says of his new plasma cutter: "Love it so much, easier than all my saws." This pic he shared with us is of an outdoor fire place made from an oil tank. He says, "I cut the hole, now I’m doing trim work and some other odds and ends to it. That’s why I needed the cutter." Thanks for sharing, Harris! He tells us he'll send another pic when it's finished, which we are looking forward to. We always like to see customer photos and seeing equipment "set up" is always fun, like a tire balancer or a tool box. But with fabrication projects, the creativity is endless. The last one we received was of a mailbox topper. This outdoor fire place is very cool - a great idea if you are looking to repurpose an old oil tank, too.

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oil tanked turned outdoor fireplace using plasma cutter

finished fireplace using plasma cutter

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