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How to Find the Right Sandblaster

The sandblaster market is wide and varied. There are a certainly a lot of considerations when deciding whether to rent or buy a sandblaster. Whatever direction you choose to go, be it to rent or buy a sandblaster, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the sandblasting process. This is critical because if a sandblaster is operated incorrectly, it can put your safety at risk, not to mention damage the sandblaster.

Consider your needs when it comes to sandblasting and talk to an expert, especially if you are purchasing a sandblaster for your personal needs. An expert can help you find the most suitable machine and blast media. Also there are 2 types of sandblasters to consider, the suction feed blasters and pressure feed blasters. Pressure feed blasters are usually much quicker then the suction feed blasters; that is, if you do opt for suction feed blaster you might be better off using a bigger nozzle or a larger air control jet.

Additionally, both the pressure feed blasters and suction feed blasters use different types of blast media, so take that into consideration, as well. There are also manual and automatic blast machines, so once again consider your needs when making a decision.