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How to Remove a Pitman Arm From a Truck

Found this great instruction how to remove a pitman arm from a truck on A great resource! The pitman arm on a truck connects the steering box to the center link. The steering wheel on your truck connects to the steering box (sometimes referred to as the steering gear) by a long steel shaft. The pitman arm bolts to the bottom of the steering box and connects to the center link. The center link connects to spindle behind each front wheel. These parts are what causes your wheels to turn when you turn the steering wheel.

Things You’ll Need for Pitman Arm Removal:

Automotive jack
Jack stands
Lug wrench
Socket set
Wrench set
Breaker bar
Pitman arm puller
Needle nose pliers
Tie rod separator

How to do it:


Lifting the Vehicle

1. Raise the front of the vehicle using an automotive jack. Support it with jack stands placed underneath the front frame.

2. Unscrew the lug nuts off the lug studs, using a lug wrench. Pull the wheel and tire assemblies off the lug studs.

3. Unscrew the nut on the bottom of the steering box that secures the pitman arm to the shaft. Use a socket and breaker bar.


Pulling the Pitman Arm Off the Steering Box

1. Slide the tabs on the pitman arm puller over the pitman arm.

2. Align the bolt on the pitman arm puller with the steering box shaft.

3. Tighten the bolt at the bottom of the pitman arm puller, using a wrench, to pull the arm off the shaft.


Disconnecting the Pitman Arm From the Center Link

1. Pull the cotter pin on the ball joint of the pitman arm, by using a needle nose pliers to straighten the cotter pin. Then pull the pin out.

2. Unscrew the nut on the ball joint shaft.

3. Insert a tie rod separator (sometimes referred to as a pickle fork) between the pitman arm and the center link.

4. Lightly tap the end of the tie rod separator with a hammer, until the pitman arm separates from the center link.

5. Remove the pitman arm from the vehicle.



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Always follow the instructions listed in the owner’s manual, when lifting or lowering a vehicle. Failure to do so could cause injury or death.

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