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Koken Tool Safety: Sockets, Extension Bars, Ratchets, and More

General (a) Make sure you use the right size socket whose opening fits the nut. (b) For use with electric or air IMPACT wrenches select IMPACT sockets only. (c) When using nut runners or IMPACT wrenches always wear safety goggles. (d) Plastic or rubber handles are not intended to act as insulation. (e) Never substitute a HAND Socket for a POWER or IMPACT Socket, or a POWER Socket for an IMPACT socket. (f) Items in the catalogue marked “ !” can be loaded to torque values which may cause breakage. In the interest of your own safety, always apply load evenly and progressively to avoid breakage and possible injury.

Sockets Any socket showing cracked walls, battered or damaged points, or other marks of wear should be replaced.

Ratchets / Handles A ratchet is not a hammer. Never use pipes or other improvised attachments on handles to increase leverage.

Extension Bars A single extension bar of the required length should be used, not a combination of several short extension bars.

Adaptors Adaptors should only be used when absolutely necessary. Be reminded that the torque applied by a bigger drive handle using a “down” adaptor (reducer) can often exceed the torque rating of the smaller drive socket. Always stay within safe working limits. Reducers are not warrantable.

Bits Ball point bit sockets have less strength due to the special design. Make sure to use them correctly. Tamper Resistant TORX® Bit Sockets have less strength due to special design. Make sure to use it correctly.

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