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Matt's 72" Tool Cabinet -New Color! Black w/Red Trim

Matt in Castle Creek, New York, shared these pics of his black with red trim 72" brand tool box and says, "Its a nice box better than I expected - thanks for the good service."

The Black with red trim tool box is a newer color choice added to our CRX Series inventory! We are trying to make sure we offer an array of color choices, along with making careful decisions as to box sizes. 72" is a very standard size to offer in width, along with a 25" depth. We've also over the last several years developed a tool box that has 30" depth to give guys an extra bit of room to work with when storing their tools. We've had great response with these - both depths have been equally appealing for our customers. We've also taken this same approach with our 55" line of tool boxes. These come in 25" depth as well as 30".

Black with Red Trim 72" Tool Box CRX Series

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