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Why Buy a Motorcycle Lift? Motorcycle Lift Reviews: Our Top 3 Picks

First, what is a motorcycle lift? And why do you need one?

A motorcycle lift is ideal for some maintenance activities like changing fluids or just washing the motorcycle from tail to tip. Lifts are gaining more popularity as more bikers are taking responsibility of maintaining their bikes. As a result, various models of lifts are now available. There are different models for sports bikes, street bikes, race bikes, cruisers, choppers and custom bikes.

Picking up a lift with either front or side extensions can be used for many different recreational vehicles from motorcycles to four wheelers, ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles, even snowblowers, as well as non-reacreational vehicles such as riding mowers/tractors and golf carts. The main difference between the various lifts is the weight capacity that it supports and the style of the wheel frame, which has to be considered very carefully as using an incorrect type of lift could scratch your bike or could also damage the brakes with the wrong type of wheel clamp.

One major reason one may need to buy a motorcycle lift is physical safety. Having a strong, secure lift can ensure your personal safety, as well as safety of the vehicle you are working on. If you are working on a "makeshift" lift, of sorts, it can be dangerous, and the potential for the vehicle to fall and get damaged (or even injure you!) can be great. Secondly, lifts take a load off of your back! Without having to crouch in awkward positions to get beneath your vehicle to perform maintenance tasks, you will be giving your back a huge respite. As our bodies age, this is welcome relief if you plan on staying active and continuing with your activities that require these types of vehicles. You can create an even safer working environment using side extensions, even with a bike, to offer a larger platform when working.

Last - but not least - taking care of your own service work will save you money - you don't have to be inconvenienced by setting up appointments with a motorcycle mechanic, then pay the heavy service costs. And over time, the savings will accumulate. We have heard more customers tell us they've saved their back, knees, and joints by investing in a lift table...we believe it! It's a huge physical benefit to have equipment that can remove some of the taxing physical motions, which can give you, as a mechanic or repair person, longer staying power.

Two types of motorcycle lifts available are:

      * Air Lift - or pneumatic lift - is operated by compressed air and typically requires only 100 PSI. These lifts come with a foot pedal that prompts the air cylinder to raise or lower. The shop air source is connected to this pedal or valve.

      * Air / Hydraulic Lift - this lift is air-powered, but functions by pushing hydraulic fluid into the lifting cylinder via an air pump, activated by a pedal.

Some of the points that you should keep in mind before buying a motorcycle lift are:

      * How high you want the platform to rise
      * How much space do you have for a lift? Is the lift table mobile?
      * Where will the lift be used
      * How long will you be leaving the bike on the lift
      * How big are the vehicles you need to service, whether a bike or ATV (not sure if you need side extensions for your lift table?), be sure you have dimensions ready to go!

If you've ever considered purchasing a motorcycle table lift for working on your bike then we recommend several. To buy a motorcycle lift you should always research the possibilities. We recommend the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lifts, Elevator Series Lifts, and Titan Motorcycle Lifts. We can prove these are legitimate picks...because we sell them! This is exactly the reason. We believe the consumer is getting quality equipment with each of these choices. It's important, too, when you are actually in the shopping stage of purchasing lifts, to be mindful of key questions to ask yourself when buying a motorcycle lift. If you consider all aspects prior to buying it can not only make the shopping experience less stressful, but it can also reduce extra expense down the road (e.g, if you're considering getting sides for your lift, you'll likely pay a hefty shipping fee if you purchase them at a later date - they are heavy!)

We stand behind the quality of the lifts of each of these manufacturers. They each make top notch, solid-steel units you'll want to check out.