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Motorcycle Lift Reviews

PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Reviews
NHProEquip, Bow, NH

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This lift is more than I expected, very securely holds and lifts my Gold Wing 1500 @ 800 lbs. i wasn't so sure at first but as i lifted a little at a time i have gained confidance the bike is as secure on the lift as on the floor(with straps and on centerstand). I have used my small pancake air compressor to easily lift my bike. the lift construction is robust and comparable to the more expensive lifts. The red deck and black side extensions are real eye candy, looks great next to my Snap-on/Kobalt tool boxes. The red deck is nice contrast color, your tools and any nurt/bolts stand out better than on the black sides. The red seems to reflect light up under the bike for better visability.  Enhancements i want (will) make for my bike, longer ramp the gold wing is hard to push up the steep ramp as delivered need about 28"-30" long ramp for one person loading. tie down points are too narrow for the gold wing width, i plan some 11 gage hoops for over the side extension support pipes at front and back to provude greater stability. other than that this is a bargan for a personal lift and easily ruged enough for a business daily use.
From: rcady5 | Date: 6/21/2013 11:52 AM

Everything it said it was - well made and thick steel. Very quick shipping and free, plus living in NY I didn't have to pay tax. They even got me lift gate service at no charge! I added traction tape and rubber sides on the wheel chocks. My friends are in envy of me. Wish it came with a lift bar to move it around, but I'll make one or buy one. Got the red and black one. Clark was very pleasant to talk to. I will recommend this lift package to anyone.
From: johnnyjaws | Date: 10/18/2013 8:34 AM
Clark, thanks for all your help in getting me my lift. I did add some added safety items to it such as non-slip 3M tape. I was concerned that if any oil or grease was to drip I'd fall and drop the bike. It lifts my bike with ease using my pancake compressor. I definitely feel secure when using it. I also use it to store my wife's Road Glide Ultra to save space. That makes her happy now that her tires won't get dirty. Thanks, again.
From: fixit4medad | Date: 1/20/2014 6:53 AM
I have the 1200 SEMAX and love it! It makes servicing and cleaning on the bike a lot easier. I have also used it to service my lawn tractor and have also used it in the up position as a work bench to also work on my weedeater. It took me some time to get things situated in my garage so that I could get my 2014 Harley Davidson Limited on it. Having worked in a Harley dealership as the Service Mgr., I was familiar with lifts that look like this one, but cost 3 to 4 times as much. This lift performs just like those lifts did, except this one has the rear tire dropout and roller plate that they didn't, and also came with a frame jack included as well. Been wanting one ever since I left the H-D Shop here in Danville and just got it this year. If you want one, be sure to check out Clark Heintz. Best lifts and prices I found anywhere and the quality is top notch! And most of the time he offers FREE Shipping on the lifts. And he has packages that include extras like bike frame jacks to raise the bike on the lift and a rear roller plate. I added a Condor front wheel chock to make getting the bike on and off easier with one person. Give Clark a call, you won't go wrong! Thanks Clark for a quality product that I look forward to using for years to come! I hope to be able to send you some pictures of my bike on my lift soon.
From: keithjohn11 | Date: 4/13/2014 9:46 PM
All I can say is that I wish I purchased this lift 20 years ago. It makes cleaning and maintaining both bikes ( goldwing - ultra classic ) a piece of cake, No more laying on the ground or kneeling down, it's saving my body. You were right when you told me that this lift wouldn't even burp with the weight of these bikes.
Thanks again
Mike, Averill Park NY
From: mike | Date: 7/7/2014 6:47 AM
Love my new lift.  Looks like its built better than the three lifts the bike shop uses in my building. Got this lift to restore a 49 hydraglide . Only put it up n down a dozen time before the bike is totally in pieces. Now it's my work bench lol. Would highly recommend it to anyone or any shop.
From: bmjudd | Date: 10/13/2014 8:39 AM
My husband was absolutely tickled with the lift.  He has used it a couple of times and he is very happy.  Thank you again.
From: sgochenauer | Date: 2/3/2015 8:15 AM
I couldn’t be happier with my lift. I got the side extensions with it and they work great for servicing my riding tractor. They also make it easy to ride the bike up on the lift. I stopped by and told Clark how happy I was and he was very pleased. Really a great guy. I tell everyone I see about my lift and what a great deal it is.
Mark, Danville, NH
From: mark | Date: 6/1/2015 9:16 AM
I bought the PRO 1200 lift for my home motorcycle shop after reading many positive reviews. I own a BMW R1200GS as my personal bike and ride on-duty for a City Police Department. I just retired a 2006 ElectraGlide and currently ride a Honda ST1300 for on-duty use. The PRO 1200 lifts all these bikes with ease. I have it attached to a 30 gallon, 1.6 HP compressor but don't need nearly this much pressure to operate the lift. In fact, the lift works perfectly as soon as pressure starts to build. I hosted a BMW Owner's tech day at my house and lifted many, many BMW's with zero issues. I have absolutely nothing bad or even marginal to say about this lift. Quality product that would do very, very well in any setting from home to professional shop. Thank you!
From: todtc318 | Date: 6/18/2015 9:35 AM
I just wanted to let you know I received my lift table yesterday at Estes trucking in Nashville. It was well packed and looks to be in good condition. I did not get home in time to unpack it. I hope to get it set up this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. I want to tell you it is nice to do business with someone who does what they say they will do. I am impressed how fast you shipped this out and how fast I got it. So far this has been a very good buying experience. I expect the quality of the lift will be good as well. I hope to do business with you again.
Thanks Again!    
From: tuweler | Date: 10/4/2015 3:25 PM
The PRO 1200MAX MOTORCYCLE LIFT PACKAGE in value and lifting capacity. The lift easily raises 1500 pounds and the accessories include make it an excellent value. Top that off with FREE SHIPPING and deal becomes unbeatable.

I researched online before deciding on this package and found no other lift of this quality at anywhere close to the price. The Handy 1000 lb. lift sells for $999 at Northern (No accessories and shipping is extra).

Clark and his Staff provide EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and are a pleasure to deal with. I will certainly do business with NHPROEQUIP in the future and highly recommend this company to anyone looking for the absolute best value in motorcycle lift tables.

A sincere thank you to Clark and his team.
From: jvanhog | Date: 2/25/2016 9:59 AM
I ordered my lift on thursday and i recieved it friday morning at 11:00 am....unpacking was easy and the instructions were also easy...after assembling the lift i worked on 2 bikes and realized how did i survive with out far a great deal i did my home work on lifts and bang for the buck you can NOT go wrong on this.and Clark in sales .....sorry for all the questions but top notch answers I will be buying more equipment from these fine folks....Thank you!
From: 62fordjim | Date: 6/6/2016 1:22 PM
Freaking love mine
Waco, Texas
From: ESNTX | Date: 10/17/2016 11:58 AM
It's fantastic! Fits all the bikes well; makes work an ease. Very happy with it.

-Jeremy, JDL Cycle Shop
Columbus, Ohio
From: scuba10jdl | Date: 4/10/2017 8:30 AM
I did a lot of research before purchasing the Pro 1200 lift. I look at just about all of them out there and for my purposes of simply DIY maintenance, this seemed to be the best value for the dollar.   I had a few questions so I called NP Pro Equipment and spoke with Bob. Bob was very personable, answered all my questions, and seemed to be very centered on providing a good customer service experience. Based on my discussion with him, I decided on the PRO 1200 SE MAX as it came with everything I was looking for in a lift.  

I received the lift within 10-days of placing the order.  Extremely fast delivery considering I ordered the package during the Christmas/New Year Holiday.

The lift arrived in one wooden crate, approximately 650 lbs, and was easily transferred into my garage by the freight company. The lift was well packed, easy to unpack, and fairly easy setup.  I was able to operate the lift with a small 9-gallon Porter Cable compressor that I use with my nail guns however, it was a little slow on the final few inches to reach the top position when loaded with my 2015 Road Glide Ultra, 960 lbs.

The lift is well constructed and sturdy.  In my opinion, the side extensions are a must to load the larger touring bikes as they give you feet a place to touch down to balance the bike.  I would highly recommend the lift, you will not be disappointed.
From: Chris16619 | Date: 1/4/2018 2:06 PM
The lift is solid! Works the way it's advertised! The service was great. my shipping address is difficult for shipping companies to reach, but the guys at NHPro worked with me and got it arranged so I could get delivery easily. Also, rather than sell me something I didn't need, they took the time to walk through my needs and kept me from buying something I wouldn't find useful. I will absolutely come here first for my ship equipment, and I will recommend them to anyone who asks! Thanks guys!!!

From: ej637 | Date: 4/18/2018 5:21 AM
Best investment I’ve made in a while! Thank you!
-Rob, Saugus, MA
From: esp660 | Date: 4/4/2019 12:12 PM