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New Product Alert! Black Diamond Auto Equipment

Are you searching for Tire Equipment that offers the features that are necessary to service today’s larger, performance, stronger sidewall, and various fancy aluminum and steel wheels? Would you like to offer quality service, using current technology but with a moderate investment? We are excited to introduce Black Diamond Tire Equipment to our customers. We have developed a way to provide our customers with current technology, engineering, and the latest designs and features packaged at an affordable price. Based on our conversations with our customers we found different levels of need. A small shop may be shopping for standard equipment because of the volume they do. A larger shop may want a machine more automated to save time. We have the tire equipment to suit your needs.

Please Take the time to call, don't miss out on these very high quality products for a great price, you won't be sorry, we promise! 603-234-2612

Automatic Tire Changer from Black DiamondBlack Diamond wheel balancer

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