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New Product! Spotlight on Black Diamond Wheel Balancer W1024ML

Black Diamond Tire Equipment is high quality and built to last. Using current technology, engineering, and the latest designs and features, we've packaged these units for you at an affordable price. The W1024ML wheel balancer is 110V/60HZ unit and boasts 512 angular sensing positions, 4 times more accurate than your average balancer. This balancer also uses a magnetic levitation system and self-propelled balancing. Which means....No Motor and No Belts! With self-calibration and self-diagnosis capabilities, it also includes 3D measurement for distance, diameter, and width.

Some of its features include Auto Entry - use measuring arm for distance and diameter, and measure width manually. Auto Lock: Stop Key: Lock Wheel for mounting weights, or inspection, or to stop in emergency. Auto Position: SPL key, "Smart Position Locator" wheel rotates to 12 o’clock, wheel locks, add required weight, cabinet light illuminates wheel, user-friendly for weight placement. ALU-S mode: SPL key : wheel rotates to 4 o’clock and locks, easily add adhesive weights, and the laser projects on wheel to pinpoint weight placement for both inside and outside plane. ALU key: Toggle to select corresponding aluminum mode. Split Weights: Hide key: hide weights behind spokes when ALU -S program is activated. Dynamic and Static balancing modes.  F key = Fn/Static. Fine key:  Balance within 1/4oz. Or 5 grams. C key: Recalculate balance without spinning after distance, diameter, or width has been changed. User Data pre setting: 4 pre sets for wheel data can be stored.
With cabinet floor plate for extra stability, and cabinet light for dim areas, this machine has all the features you'd want in a professional tire balancer. Call us for more info 603-234-2612. There is no sales tax on these units, and shipping is free.

Black Diamond Wheel Balancer

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