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Our Customer Service and Lift Delivery Time: "Easier than Ordering a Pizza"

Order a PRO 1200SEMAX ATV Lift - easier than ordering a pizza!

I found a nice review on our website from Tom in Maine. He left it over the weekend, referencing his newly-purchased PRO 1200SEMAX ATV / Motorcycle Lift. Tom's review was especially nice to receive because he shared with us all of the types of vehicles and machinery he works on as a professional mechanic - and how this lift works well to service all of it.  We appreciated his comments about the service he received as well - you can have a good quality, reasonably-priced product to offer people, but if you don't give people the "complete" service experience, e.g., friendly communication, valuable information to help them make the best selection for their needs, quick delivery, etc. it won't matter how good your product is....So we're glad to hear it was a positive experience, all-around. And "easier than ordering a pizza!" Thanks for the kind words, Tom.

"I am a professional golf course mechanic who uses lifts everyday and has experience with several different manufacturers and configurations of lifts. I also have several atv’s, motorcycles, golf carts, zero turn mowers, snowblowers, etc. that I work on for customers and friends. I purchased this package last week and I am excited about my purchase. Not only can this lift handle all the variety of equipment I work on, it has better construction and several clever features that make my work safer, easier and a lot more fun. Thanks for such a great product! The customer service was as others reported phenomenal and I had my lift set up with a torn apart machine on it within 26 hours of placing my order. That is not a typo 26 hours and arrived in perfect condition. Amazing. Easier than ordering a pizza."

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