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PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift is Back! A little history...

Harley Davidson Fatboy up on PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift courtesy of Richard in San Antonio, TXAfter many, many inquiries from our dedicated customers, and many starts and stops, we are thrilled to announce that the PRO 1200 motorcycle lift is BACK IN STOCK after a couple of rough years of supply chain issues, a direct result of the pandemic.

When we launched the PRO 1200 motorcycle lift, now over 10 years ago, we had no idea what it would become. We really worked hard with our manufacturer to make the specs competitive with other lifts, and even adding our own features to give that extra edge, without the big price tag. We made sure to put together lots of helpful content, offering as much information as possible, so customers near and far could actually see the value they were getting, even if not local, to check out the lift in person. (See PRO 1200 lifting 1500lbs video).

We set up various packaged options, to include everything from sides, to a jack, to our own specialized rubber lined wheel vise, to protect bikes while secured on the lift. We sold thousands of these lifts across the continental US --and when folks were willing to pay the shipping overseas--- we even sold as far away as Togo, South Africa (that particular gentleman bought 2!). This lift has made appearances at motorcycle events and rallies from Laconia Bike Week to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and was even featured in American Motorcycle magazine (see page 37!) in a profile about our customer, Tony Prust, who owns Analog Cycles.

The PRO 1200 was featured in various forums over the years, from Garage Journal to Harley Davidson forums and everything in between, eg.,, XL forum,,, Indian Motorcycle Forum, GL1800 Riders, to name a few.

Every time we discovered new "buzz" floating around about our lift, we celebrated, knowing more and more people would be reading about it and fully understanding the true value they would find with this lift, that truly stands the test of time. The best part is hearing from customers years later to learn that they are still as happy with the lift as they were the day they bought it! In fact, since we've been posting announcements about the lift coming back into stock, we've heard from a few old customers have left comments: Chris D says, "I’ve had my lift over 5 years and it’s served me well!" Dave B. also commented, "I bought my Pro 1200 back in 2018 and it was without a doubt the BEST investment EVER!!

We've posted many of these "follow up reviews" on our blog, in fact, as a testament to the staying power of these lifts!

Our main goal continues to be to offer a great product at a great price and let the quality of this lift do the rest of the talking. Right now we have four packages available. The standard PRO 1200 motorcycle lift package, the PRO 1200SEMAX motorcycle/ATV lift table (also includes sides), the PRO 1200SEG golf cart lift table, and the PRO 1200PE power equipment lift table.