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Motorcycle Lift Packaging and Shipping Review from Jon

Our customer, Jon, commented on another post of ours about our shipping process. It's always great to hear from customers about the products and service they've received from us. It helps us to strive to be better when we receive feedback, good or bad! It's especially nice and helpful for us to hear about the shipping process and how that is handled; from our paperwork and communication with the customer regarding scheduling, right down to the shipping carriers and the delivery itself. We want to thank him for taking the time to give his feedback about this part of the buying process! We're glad to hear the carrier was impressed, too! And, yes, we do include a photo of the shipment when it leaves our shop, as we believe having this documentation in place verifies the shipment condition in case there are any other issues en route that might need to be addressed.

He says, "I’ve never taken a photo of an item I purchased upon arrival before. The carrier and I stood over this NHPro shipment and were amazed how well it was packed up. It even had a photo of the shipment on the top box showing how it looked when it left NHPro. This is an example of the personal treatment you get from these guys. I got the Elevator 2000 with pretty much the works. I grin every time I use it two years later."

Shipping PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

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