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PRO 2500 Lifts a 2016 Polaris Racing UTV

"That's is a 2016 Polaris ACE 900 I race around the East coast and south. I also have a Polaris 900 XP that my wife and I race. I just ordered a new Polaris ACE 900 SP. it's a brand new model not released yet. I am rebuilding a shock and front upright. I do virtually all my machine work on the lift. It's perfect for replacing axle and A arms - which unfortunately is common- as it raises the machine to a perfect working height. It gets very tedious sitting on the floor and working off your knees. Racing UTVs is very labor intensive and the lift is the perfect solution. It doesn't take up any room in my shop, like a car lift does. I simply park my UTV on it like I would the floor normally. It really is the best tool I have ever bought and it is AFFORDABLE. Thanks for a great product." -Bob L. Wadsworth, Ohio

2016 Polaris ACE 900 on PRO 2500

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