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Recessed Motorcycle Lift Table Pics (Elevator 1800)

recessed motorcycle lift tableChris in Lowell, MA recessed his Elevator 1800 lift table into the floor! A great way to save space - it looks awesome!

He says of the lift, "It works nice and smooth as Bob said it would. I am not a mechanic but enjoy wrenching on my own toys. I research for a while, as everyone does these days, before pulling the trigger on this purchase and am very confident I made the right choice. Lift is to quality and Bob was accommodating, great customer service."

We want to offer a few tips if you are thinking about the benefits of a recessed motorcycle lift table. We recommend you feel confident in where you choose to place the hole for the lift in your garage / workspace. Make sure there is proper drainage nearby (you don't want any runoff ending up in that hole where your lift is!) and, lastly, make sure you are confident that the lift table you currently own will be one that you will have for years down the road. It's a lot of work, drilling into concrete and measuring everything out. If you have a cheap motorcycle lift model that won't last, you may end up upgrading to something that won't fit the recessed space you've already created.

Chris's handiwork looks great! Really nice job, Chris - thanks for the photos!  recessed motorcycle lift elevator 1800

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