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Good Service=Good Customers

When I first jumped on board with this SEO job, it was exciting for me to see Clark's level of commitment, his integrity. Quite Frankly, it's infectious! He related a story to me about a customer that came up from MA, I think it was, wanting to buy a toolbox Clark had posted online. At that point, Clark had already promised this toolbox to another customer, but the gentleman who had traveled up to the shop desperately wanted it.

He offered Clark more money, but Clark said he couldn't do that because he'd already promised it to someone else. Oddly enough, after the gentleman was "turned away," another toolbox, the exact same model, came in. Clark was able to call him and tell him he had another one. The gentleman wanted to pay him above and beyond the cost, because he was so happy to have it! Clark related the story to me as a "what great customers I have" story, but I kept thinking about what a reflection it was on Clark...

I think it's these qualities that have sustained him for the last 42 years. He survives, even through economic downturns, because he is honest. So people keep coming back. Anyway, Clark repeatedly declined the extra money from this happy customer. The gentleman insisted on paying more and wouldn't take no for answer, so Clark ran to the back of the warehouse, pulled out some sweatshirts or hats or something with another company logo that Clark is connected with--to offer to the gentleman, as a courtesy. Both walked away happy with the transaction.

I think it's important to relate these stories to our customer base (and to those who are potentially our customers!) because that's the kind of guy he is. If you are looking to purchase a product from an unknown entity, stories like this really draw you to the salesman. We now sell to 48 states, and ship daily across the country. We want people to understand that integrity is a huge part of the sales process. Clark sells products that he stands behind, and the fact that he stand behind them speaks to his character. You get honest service with him, and nothing less.

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