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Great Mig 135 Welder Review from Jim in Alabama

EASTWOOD 12011 MIG135 WELDER 110VAC "I purchased the Eastwood 135 from your company, because I first saw it on Craigslist. Did some research, and found good reviews. Received it in a reasonable time and assembly and setup went well. My previous welding experience is with a large 230 Amp AC/DC unit and a Harbor Freight 90 Amp flux core. Currently, my projects are with thin round and square tubing, so I needed a controllable, stable arc. The weld appearance and quality went up dramatically with the Eastwood MIG! I thought my welds ( A certified welder friend called them "dirt dobber welds") with the Harbor Freight Flux Core were due to poor skill. With the MIG, I got a much smoother, better weld. Unfortunately, I am working outside, with wind, so that isn't optimal. but still light years better than the H.F. I went thru two of their units, and about 10- 2# wire spools... Wish I'd had this unit 15 years ago! Currently, I am building firewood racks, using scrap pipe and tubing. I have a plan for wind protection: use a section of scaffolding, with a tarp wrapped around 2 or 3 sides. When I need to weld heavy stock, I have the big welder, but the Eastwood 135 is so convenient and fast, it is my first choice. Thanks for placing ads in a place I look. Bet owners wanting to sell used, more expensive units hate to see this ad pop up!" -Jim, Mobile, Alabama

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