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"Saylor-Beall is a Top Notch Air Compressor," says

We want to Saylor Beall on your radar when you consider purchasing a cost-effective, highly efficient, and long-lasting air compressor. As a leading manufacturer of industrial grade air compressors for nearly a century, Saylor-Beall has built its reputation on quality and the proven ability to meet the special needs of commercial customers. From 1/2 to 50 horsepower, cast iron, reciprocating air compressors have been the standard of their product line. All of SB's products are manufactured to provide many years of efficient, trouble-free service. And their commitment to quality ultimately reduces the cost of owning and operating one of their highest quality air compressors.

The design of the Saylor Beall Air Compressor is a huge indicator of their quality and durability. Saylor-Beall products use materials selected specifically to offer the following characteristics: long-lasting strength as well as heat resistance. Exacting dimensions and precision tolerances result in a highly efficient air compressor design. State-of-the-art, computer controlled equipment perform machining operations with extreme accuracy. Also, modern quality control procedures continuously monitor the machining process.

Saylor-Beall air compressors are assembled by skilled employees who are dedicated to the standards of precision and workmanship that customers have come to expect. After final assembly every compressor goes through a rigorous quality control process, and is tested to ensure that it meets rigid standards of quality. At Saylor-Beall "American Made" has always been a source of great pride, and this is yet another reason we love to promote Saylor Beall to our customers at Buying local is, of course, a great boost to our own economy; when you're purchasing a high quality and durable air compressor, you can't beat it!

Saylor Beall has been a leading manufacturer of industrial grade air compressors for more than 90 years, having built their reputation on quality and their proven ability to meet the special needs of customers. NHProEquip has handpicked the most durable and well known of the Saylor Beall line of products to offer to the public:

Vertical Tank Air Compressors, Horizontal Tank Air Compressors, Gas Motor Driven Air Compressors, Duplex Air Compressors, and 3 Phase Air Compressors are available.

Please contact NHProEquip to let us assist you in choosing which Saylor Beall compressor is right for you.