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Smoke Wizard Leak Detector

Smoke Wizard has all the features you seek in an evap machine: in fact, 9 OF THE TOP 10 CHECK ENGINE DTCs CAN BE DIAGNOSED WITH A SMOKE WIZARD. Its flexibility is unmatched, too - it can be used portably with the inert gas pack< (20 oz. cylinder good for about 25 tests) or simply with shop air. Smokewizard is made the in USA.

Smoke Wizard GLD-40 comes with standard accessories, including EVAP Service Port Adapter Fitting (standard size), Dual-Size Schrader Removal/Installation Tool, Assorted Cap-plug Set, Smoke Diffuser (for finding wind/water leaks), Exhaust Cone Adapter, Combo LED Light with Yellow UV Glasses 26 white & 42 UV LED – 3 Position Switch, and UltraTraceUV® Smoke Solution (12oz), which is the only OEM-Approved dye solution.

Features include:

Control Knob Reduces Smoke to Pinpoint Leak, Vacuum Decay Test Verify Vac. Sys. Repair, Pressure Gauge Verifies the Repair, Air/Water Filter Keeps Impurities Out, Safety Shut-Off For Unattended Safety, Hangs Under Hood Portable, Anti-Spill Design Lays Down in Toolbox, OEM Approved Won't Void Warranties, Uses Inert Gas or Shop Air (Inert Gas for EVAP), Solution with Dye Easily See the Leak, Newest Flow Meter Displays to .010", Visibility to .005", 13" High (w/out hanger) / 9" Wide. Optional Inert Gas Pack Fits Like a Glove

The GLD-50 Smoke Wizard has a Leak detection device containing OEM-Approved Automotive Diagnostic Smoke Detector and UltraTraceUV dye solution. It finds leaks fast using smoke with dye, it has smoke volume (flow) control for easier leak detection, it is OEM-Approved technology, and is the best value for tight budgets. Product is small and Lightweight: 10" x 5" x 8.5" and under 7 lbs.

Watch Smoke Wizard demo video here!