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Smoke Wizard vs. Smoke Pro: Smoke Wizard is the Best Choice for Smoke Technology

Capabilities Smoke Wizard- with the UV dye- can find internal engine leaks that a smoke machine with "smoke only," like the Smoke Pro, can't find. You can use the 'Smoke Pro' for checking EVAP system leaks if you want to risk the potential hazards of adding oxygen to the system. The Smoke Wizard's advanced technology allows it to be used with shop air or inert gas for safer EVAP testing. The Smoke Wizard does both pressure and vacuum decay. Smoke Pro's outdated design can't do vacuum decay, required for natural vacuum decay testing. Note, systems that self-test with Vacuum: Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, and many others. The Smoke Wizard's easy to read directional knob tells you exactly the flow position. Smoke Pro's round knob makes it impossible to tell where you're at. In addition, Smoke Wizard can diagnose using vacuum decay and dye. Features Smoke Wizard includes a better quality combination Pressure / Vacuum gauge. Smoke Wizard's meter is full size and can measure a .010" like Chrysler now requires. Smoke Wizard includes a UV light. Oops, a UV light won't do Smoke Pro any good! Smoke Wizard can be laid in a drawer. Redline doesn't want you tipping theirs over. Technology Smoke Wizard uses 10 year warranty advanced Bosch Glow Plug Heater design with advanced microprocessor controller. Smoke Pro uses outdated 'resistence wire' heater, first introduced in 1994 Vacutec 'general purpose' smoke machines. Smoke Wizard uses a much more advanced control processor. It's true; the 'base' material of both is mineral. But Smoke Wizard's solution is much more! Its patented UltraTraceUV smoke solution is highly refined, has dye and is approved by every OEM using smoke today. There isn't an OEM in the world that has approved 'baby oil.' It's about 5 cents per test more expensive to use the proper solution, when you consider Smoke Pro gets about 100 tests and Smoke Wizard over 300. $14.95 for cheap baby oil with a little fragrance sounds very expensive to me! Smoke Wizard doesn't say you must use our solution. Heck, you can even use baby oil but we don't know why you'd want to. Have you ever smelled baby oil after just a few uses in a smoke machine? It stinks! Baby oil is not formulated for repeated heating and vaporization into smoke. Additional Features of Smoke Wizard missing from Smoke Pro Leak Down Test w/Vacuum Delay - Test the latest vehicles that use vacuum delay onboard testing such as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota and many others. Auto Shut off Safety Solenoid - Without this feature, gasoline fumes could exit the EVAP system and fill your work bay. Internal Filter / Water Separator - Protects machine and vehicle systems from contaminants. (Also keeps the flow meter clean.) Uses OEM-Approved Technology - No OEM in the world approves of using Redline's products. I guess it is more than just the "stink."
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