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Tiger Tool Demonstrates Proper Wheel Stud Install and Removal on MotorHead Garage Big Rig Series

Tiger Tool International Incorporated made its television debut on Fox Sports Network (FSN) on Sunday and Monday Dec. 11 and Dec. 12, 2011 by demonstrating proper wheel stud installation and removal techniques on heavy duty trucks with their new 10608 Heavy Duty Wheel Stud Service Kit, on the MotorHead Garage - Big Rig Series.

Viewers got a close-up look at the hydraulics in action, as Kirk Jansen, Production Manager, for Tiger Tool International Incorporated, demonstrated the easy removal and installation of wheel studs in just minutes.

This patented design safely delivers up to 10 tons of pressing power making quick work of the most stubborn wheel studs while eliminating the need to use a hammer or remove the hub risking damage to studs, hubs, seals, or wheel bearings.