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Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer, and Plasma Cutter Reviewed by Jordan on Google

Thanks to Jordan of Epping, NH for leaving this nice Google Review for us! It's helpful to hear how the products are working out for our customers, of course, but it's also nice to hear how service was for them, too. The sales experience is a multi-pronged effort and we want to be sure folks feel that they were heard and found help and answer to their questions, if they were looking for more information. It should go without saying, but...we also aim for courtesy throughout the process. This includes support once you've purchased your tools. We are here for you every step of the way.

Jordan reviewed NHProEquip, saying,

"Very happy with NH pro equip. Solid tools, good availability, and very helpful people! I've bought a couple tire machines from them, as well as a wheel balancer, and a plasma cutter, and have never had any issue with any of their products 10/10 would definitely recommend."

The Plasma-Cut-40/45 Air Plasma machine Jordan purchased is a new offering in inverter technology. This unit is extremely efficient, small and portable - it only ways 25 1/4 lbs! This single phase machine comes with an adjustable air regulator, 12 ft Viper torch and return lead, starter consumable pack, and an easy-to-follow operation manual. Features dual voltage 110V-230 and 35% @ 45 amp duty cycle.

He also shared a pic of his Phoenix tire changer which he says works "perfectly"! This Phoenix tire changer (model 2950) does not include a helper arm, but is fitted for one if the need arises down the road (the model that includes the helper arm is 2950A). The tire changer includes a plastic duckhead when working with fragile, high end wheels. This "extra" is included, and typically an option with other suppliers. The air valving is completely metal throughout the machine, which is higher quality and long-lasting. This machine also includes an easy-fill oiler, which limits wear on internal parts and an air filter/quick drain water trap with adjustable regulator.

Jordan's Phoenix Tire Changer from NHProEquip

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