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Titan Lifts Demos Bulldog Moto Cradle on Two Wheel Thunder TV

Quick transcription of video: This year we've brought some of our motorcycle lifts, but we've also brought our Titan Bulldog Moto Cradle. I'm going to show you a few features on our moto cradle that are a bit different from other wheel chocks on the market. The first thing you'll see about our wheel chock, that is different from any other wheel chock on the market is it's spring loaded. This fixes something that I like to call the "sloppy" or "floppy" cradle. The "sloppy" or "floppy" cradle just basically goes back and forth. Ours will always go back to the load position, no matter what you do with it. The second thing is that, wheel chocks on the market -with a lot of them, your tire is being held right up here at this front tire stop. The front tire stop is what is actually making your bike stand up straight. All the cradle does is guide you into it. So what we've done is, in the back we put 2 cam designs, so these two sides, as you come forward they're going to come together and they're going to squeeze together and that's actually going to grip your bike. Its going to make it so you're going to have a lot more lateral support than what you're going to get now, you're being supported from the front tire stop, all the way back to the back to the cradle. And the third thing you have is an A Frame design so it's a little bit more sturdy that way. [When you move your bike into the chock,] you're going to see it's completely self standing. In fact, it's not only going to hold the weight of the bike, it's actually going to hold the weight of the rider, as well, and it's not going anywhere. It's nice and sturdy. It can be freestanding, you can put it on your garage floor, you can mount it onto your truck, mount it on your trailer. And it is completely adjustable 13-22" diameter and a 70-140 mm width. Wheel chocks are meant to do one thing. They're meant to hold your bike up. This is just does it a little more securely. We all ride and we've all put our bikes into a chock and it just doesn't hold it as securely as we'd like. You know we've all had the situation where it's been in the chock and we bump into it and it starts to fall over and we grab it. Well, you bump into this's not going anywhere. Check out our Titan Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock, available in a variety of colors.
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