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Titan Motorcycle Lifts

Cycle Lift #SDML-1000D

The Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift comes fully equipped with front tire vise, front extension and side extensions, which provide it with a large enough platform to work on everything from motorcycles and ATVs to jet skis and snowmobiles

This heavy-duty diamond plated motorcycle lift can handle up to 1,000 pounds with its 7 inch air-powered cylinder, which raises the extra-large platform up to a 35" working height

Cycle Lift #SDML-1000D-XLT

The Titan 1000D-XLT has the capacity to lift 1,000 pounds, and comes with front and side extensions. These extensions make it work with vehicles larger than a motorcycle, like a snowmobile, or ATV. Its heavy-duty steel construction is diamond-plated and comes with a front wheel vise to secure your bike.

Say goodbye to back pain caused by bending over to do your work or having to sit on the cold concrete floor! This lifting table is air powered with a generous 35-inch working height and can be lowered to 7 inches. It's detachable ramps and removable rear wheel drop-out only add to the convenience of this reliable piece of equipment.

Cycle Lift #HDML-1500XLT

The Titan HDML-1500XLT gives you a large working platform to help you maintain and repair your heavier ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles. This lift from Titan, with its 1,5000 pound lifting capacity, is a great addition to any enthusiast's garage. This Titan motorcycle lift includes a lot of great features and is a great value for the money. Comes with Front Wheel Vise, Front Table Extension, Side Extensions, Standard Rear Wheel Drop Out, Roller Plate Drop Out, 3 Detachable Short Ramps, Detachable Motorcycle Ramp, Air/Hydraulic Pump Unit, Rear Support Poles, and Retractable Casters.

Electric Cycle Lift #HDML-1500XLT-E

The HDML-1500XLT-E electric/hydraulic motorcycle lift which has 1,500 lb. capacity. It is fully equipped with extensions and accessories and is great for working on larger and heavier recreational vehicles. Its electric power unit gives the table a smooth and gentle range of motion while the hydraulic cylinder provides a sturdy and more reliable lifting function than other electric screw-style lifts. Since the 1500XLT-E does not require the use of compressed air, it is easier to put into a shop or garage without having to worry about running additional air lines to the area.

Titan offers high quality products for everyone; professional quality vehicle lifts at economical prices. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, Titan Lifts provides a superior product that fits your needs and won't break the bank.

All of the Titan products are designed with customer safety in mind and are produced in ISO 9001 factories with standards that meet and, in many cases, exceed the typical industry standards.

Being automobile enthusiasts and motorcycle riders who are involved in the local collector and riding communities, Titan understands the kind of equipment people are looking for and always put the customer first whenever new products are designed.

All the Titan Lifts are built with high-grade material and are made to stand up to some serious work loads. When it comes to Titan you can be sure that there is "Nothing Stronger."

NHProEquip offers full support with any Titan products, and are always ready and willing to assist you with any lift advice you might need. Please call us for more information and recommendations at 603-234-2612.