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Titan Lifts Adds New Selections! Act now to Get Yourself a Great Titan Lift at a Great Price!

An important development here at Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC regarding Titan Lifts! They have added a few selections to their motorcycle and auto lifts, which we are now officially carrying! Our prices are the lowest online (check it out!) + we offer free shipping and no sales tax.

So, let me share a bit about the Titan Lifts and related accessories that we offer. Our motorcycle lift line consists of 4 motorcycle lifts, each in your choice of two different powder coating color schemes. (We also offer a motocross lift, which is priced, of course, free of sales tax.). The bike lifts all ship free. They include the 1000D-J, SDML-1000D, the SDML-1000D-XLT lift, and the HDML-1500XLT.

The SDML-1000D air powered lift table is diamond plated and includes free shipping. It comes with a front wheel vise, a multi-positional front table extension, standard rear wheel drop out, roller plate drop out, detachable ramp, air powered lift controls, plus a two wheeled dolly. All this for one low price!

The Titan SDML-1000D-XLT Motorcycle Lift includes free shipping, and comes with a ton of extras as well, including a front wheel vise, multi-positional front table extension, side extensions, stabilizer bar, standard rear wheel drop out, roller plate drop out, detachable ramps, air powered lift controls, and a two wheeled dolly.

Our final featured lift table is the Titan HDML-1500XLT motorcycle lift, which also includes free shipping. A 1,500 lb lifting capacity, its maximum lifting height is 45". It includes a front wheel vise, front table extension, side extensions, standard rear wheel drop out, roller plate drop out, 3 detachable short ramps, detachable motorcycle ramp, air/hydraulic pump unit, rear support poles, and retractable casters!

These lifts have tons of great features, include a lot of extras, we sell them like hotcakes, and as I've mentioned before in previous blogging, we've NEVER had a return. Here is a testimonial we received from a customer a couple of weeks ago:

Hi Clark. Thanks so much for all your help we received the lift a day early and are very impressed with not only the lift but also the outstanding service. -Kindest Regards Mark C

These lifts are solidly built, and are a great buy for the money.

Our Titan 4 post auto lifts are ideal for either auto enthusiasts or if you are someone that just needs some extra space in your garage. These 4 post lifts are heavy-duty with one piece diamond plated runways, 3 inch cylinder and a durable scratch-resistant powder coated midnight black finish. They include an easily adaptable 110 Volt power unit. Heavy duty enclosed carriage arms to ensure maximum safety, and multiple position locking mechanism are just 2 of the great features. Easy operation lock handle is located by power unit reducing your need to do any bending or squatting. There are many options available to personalize the lift to your specific needs. These versatile, rugged lifts are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards to provide you years of trouble free service. We carry the Titan SDPL-7000 4 Post Lift and the Titan SDPL-7000XLT 4 Post Lift, at the most affordable prices, and both lifts ship for free.

Lastly, our line of Midrise / Scissor Lifts include the Midrise Scissor Lift. Call Clark today: 603.234.2612.