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Why Do I Need Side Extensions for My Motorcycle Lift?

Customers often ask us the purpose of the side extension kit, and if it's important to consider buying it, even if you don't have a trike or a four wheeler. We wanted to offer a few tips when considering whether or not to invest in side rails. You may think, if you have a smaller bike, or a narrow bike / vehicle, the side extensions may not be necessary.

It is true, that side extensions are a useful add-on when servicing a larger vehicle, such as a snowmobiles, ATVs, lawnmowers, etc). We’ve also had customers call us with concerns about loading their larger bikes onto the basic lift, which has a 24” deck. With the side extensions added, making a 48” deck, you will have peace of mind that you will have complete balance and sufficient space while loading your bike.

Another helpful point in deciding whether you would like (or need) a side rail kit is…cost of shipping. We have several lift packages. With our PRO 1200SEMAX package, we offer free shipping. So if you are considering getting side extensions “sometime down the road,” it might be worth considering purchasing the full package that includes them with your lift in order to save on shipping. Since these kits are quite heavy, you may be paying almost as much in shipping when buying side extensions separately, as you would pay for shipping cost for a lift, itself. So, these are some considerations for including the side extension kit when ordering your lift– it is useful for various reasons!