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Brentwood Power Equipment Center's Elevator 2000E Electric Lift Tables Recessed into the Floor

Brentwood Power Equipment Center shared this pic of their 2 Elevator 2000E lift tables recessed into the floor - they look great! This is an efficient way to install them to save space. Check out the Elevator 2000E Lift Table here.  Elevator lift tables are made with thick 10 gauge steel. They are durable and rugged enough to handle the heaviest vehicles. With a quality frame and rectangular base, this solid footprint that ensures safety in lifting and working. The base frame is fitted with a tow bar that accepts a wheel dolly, the base frame is also pre drilled with to accept a wheel kit which allows for easy placement and storage. A safety locking mechanism is built into the base with 4 and 5 settings, depending on the model, to adjust to your height.

Brentwood Power Equipment NH

Thanks to Jeff at One Pull Lawnmower Shop for his Elevator 1800 Review!

Jeff of One Pull Lawnmower Shop in Southbridge, Mass. tells us his Elevator 1800 lift is "working out well." He shared these nice pics of a Yamaha Golf Cart and a Craftsman Lawn Tractor up on the lift getting some service!

The lift Jeff ordered comes with a chock for servicing motorcycles, but that can be removed. As you can see in the pics, taking the chock out allows for easy service of 4 wheel vehicles, too...

Yamaha Golf Cart on Elevator 1800 Golf Cart Lift

Craftsman Lawn Tractor on Elevator 1800 Lift

2 Pro 1200 Motorcycle Lift Tables Pic Shared by Chris D.

2 PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Tables Chris D

Chris in Newbury, MA, shared this pic a couple weeks ago as a comment to a post on our Facebook page. He says, "Not the best picture but definitely great lifts!!!!!" We think it's an awesome pic of the lifts, side-by-side! Thank you for sharing it, Chris! Right now, we're offering major store discounts on these lifts. Pick up and save!! The PRO 1200 Motorcycle lift table comes with lots of freebies right now, too. Along with a 1500 lb capacity lift + 2 YEAR PARTS WARRANTY, you will receive a 40" Long Loading Ramp, a Pullout / Drop Through for Rear Tire Change, a Stabilizer Bar, plus a fully adjustable service jack (1000lb capacity) and a Rubber Lined Wheel Vise with wheel stop for FREE! Get your lift while supplies last! Call 603-234-2612 for more info.

PRO 1200 Lift Table Doubles as a Kitchen Table for Motorcycle Club Pig Roast!

And now, for your daily dose of funny!

Jeff shared this pic with us of his PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift and says, "Best table ever for our motorcycle club’s pig roast."

We are happy to hear you are getting this extra use out of your lift, Jeff! We encourage all our customers to share photos like these - unusual uses for your lift! We always love the usual bike-up-on-the-lift photos, but these are fun, too! We are always happy when our customers get their money's worth!

Motorcycle Club Pig Roast using PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Jeff Shares pics of 1975 FXE Shovelhead Project Using PRO 1200 Lift
Jeff Shovelhead PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift
Jeff shared a post with us on Instagram and says, "Got the PRO 1200 8yrs ago this 75 FXE is my 2nd project! Love the the PRO 1200!!" He posted "Shovelhead update! Fabbed up and finished custom made- clutch linkage, rocker clutch, jockey shift, floorboards, vented primary, rear brake, chin faring, and a 3" extended swingarm!!" Excellent work, Jeff! Jeff's had his lift for 8 years! We always love to hear from old customers to find out how their equipment is holding up! The PRO 1200 lift table stands the test of time!
PRO 1000 Motorcycle Lift Review and Pics from Randy in Maine

PRO 1000 Motorcycle Lift Review Dyna Wide Glide RandyBig shout-out to Randy in Auburn, Maine, who first shared a pic of his PRO 1000 motorcycle lift, with a freshly-painted vise (from gray to cobalt blue!), which really looks great and breaks up the solid gray colors. He then shared this nice follow-up pic of his PRO 1000 with a 2004 Dyna Wide Glide, his first project using the lift following the nice paint job (he added some cobalt blue color to the lift table). He says, "Works great so far for first bike. For the price can't go wrong, beats kneeling down, easier to work at higher level. TY."

Our website reflects shipping deal going on now, which is a FREE pair of ratchet straps with purchase. If you are local to NH, we have a nice pickup deal going on now: FREE side extensions with purchase, plus discounted pickup pricing. Call 603-234-2612 to secure the deal. We have limited supply and they are going fast!

PRO 1000 lift table info.

Titan Motorcycle Lift Review from BDL Customs in Ipswich, MA

Titan Motorcycle Lift Review BDL Customs

Brandon L. at BDL Customs in Ipswich MA shared this great pic of his TWO Titan lifts - he just purchased the one on the left (SDML-1000D-XLT) last week. He says, "Thanks for the new lift. Running 2 is a world of difference." Two lifts are always better than one - more work that can be done simultaneously means more money for your pocket! This Titan lif tincludes side and front extensions, and a wheel vise. The sides help to create a large enough platform that you can work on a multitude of vehicles, from motorcycles, mowers and snowmobiles to ATVs and jet skis. Heavy duty, this lift can handle up to 1,000 lbs with its 7" air-powered cylinder, which raises the extra-large platform up to a 35" working height.

Nate's Pics of PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table - and a Review!

Yamaha on PRO 1200SEMAX Lift Table

We want to thank Nate in South Paris, Maine for the nice photos he sent to us of his PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table he purchased back in April. He says of the bike lift: "Love it. It is the best lift I’ve used to date." He also shared pics of his lift with his 2010 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi edition bike - nice pics, Nate!

The PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift has been mentioned on a variety of biker forums, including,,,, and, to name a few. The PRO SEMAX package currently includes: 1500 lb capacity lift with pneumatic operation, side extensions that include 2 ramps measuring 40" x 12", service jack, pullout / drop through for rear tire changes, wheel vise with protective rubber lining to prevent scratching, wheel stop, stabilizer bar, and 40" long loading ramp.


Yamaha Bike on PRO 1200SEMAX Lift Table

Yamaha motorcycle PRO 1200SEMAX Lift Table

PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Special Offer

We're glad to announce - the PRO 1200 motorcycle lift is back in stock after a few rough years during the pandemic! We are offering a basic lift package right now that includes a rubber lined wheel vise, drop through roller plate, service jack and much more! Call us today to learn more about these lifts that have made appearances wordlwide from various motorcycle events across the US, all the way overseas to South Africa! Call 603-234-2612 or visit the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift page online.

George Shares Video, pics and comments about his PRO 1000 Motorcycle Lift!

PRO 1000 Motorcycle Lift Table George W ReviewMany thanks to George, who purchased a PRO 1000 lift table and posted a GREAT video to our personal page which we've since shared to our business page. George also posted this nice pic of his first project using the lift. He's working on the regulator and some wiring on a '74 Honda CB750 Chopper/Bobber.  He says of his new 1000 lb lift table: "A new addition to my shop. Thanks to Bobby at NH Pro Equipment for the nice gear."